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Parkside Winterfrost Nilgiri

$ 11.00

One of the loveliest areas in all of India is the Nilgiris. It means Blue Mountains. They are a dramatic tropical mountain range in Southern India. 

Not only is it beautiful, but it is also a fabulous tea growing area. One of its specialities is their winter frost tea. A winter frost Nilgiri is the result of perfect mixture of altitude and longitude. The tea gardens in Nilgiri are high elevation tea gardens located somewhat close to the equator (longitude). Therefore in the winter they frequently experience sunny warm temperatures during (longitude) the day followed by cold nights (altitude). To create a tea in this environment Parkside uses a special cultivar that can withstand the radical changes found in Nilgiri winter weather.

Our Parkside Nilgiri has a wonderful brisk energy. It has a dry, light bodied cup with notes of lemon peel. A first-class option for an afternoon tea.


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