Organic Snow Buds White Tea from Jun Chiyabari

Organic Snow Buds White is a refreshingly delicate and flavorful tea from an extraordinarily high elevation tea garden in Nepal (2000 to 2200 meters!).  The tea steeps a beautiful straw colored gold in the cup, with pleasing aromatics of very fresh fruits with a mild sweetness that lingers in the mouth.  

All white teas are oxidized to some degree, and ultimately the oxidation level is a consequence of how the leaves are handled after they're picked and what method the maker uses to dry the tea.  Snow Buds White is on the lighter side of the white tea oxidation scale, making it a very bright and uplifting tea.  It's quite flavorful, but also gentle enough to be sipped on throughout one's day (it re-steeps very well!).

2020 Summer Harvest. Hand-picked.