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Golden Buds Black Tea from Fengqing County, Yunnan

This all bud black tea from Fengqing County, Yunnan is full flavored and naturally sweet with no bitterness.  The buds are carefully handpicked from Yunnan large leaf tea trees, and processed with great skill into a very fine classic black tea of China. 

Buds naturally have more caffeine in them, and large leaf tea trees naturally have more caffeine in them, so you can imagine that this is a fairly powerful, awakening tea.  It's great in the morning when you need something to inspire you and lift your spirits to face your day.  You can drink with this milk if you insist, but it's really idea to have on its own to appreciate the persistent  aroma of cocoa.

This was one of our Monthly Tea Club teas for November and there is just the smallest amount left to sell.  If you enjoy blacks teas from Yunnan (also called 'Dian Hong'), this is a real winner.

2021 Spring harvest, from the famed Dianhong Group.

No agrochemicals were used in the production of this tea.