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Nepal White

$ 8.00

We are very excited about this white tea. The process for making this white tea is different from most other white teas. Nepal white is prepared only during mid Summer or late Autumn. A Silvery bud and one tender first leaf, known as an imperial picking, are plucked early in the morning or late afternoon. The leaves are then withered for the remaining hours of the day including overnight stay at withering troughs with a constant supply of natural air. Early next morning the leaves are hand rolled for about half an hour and then allowed to rest for 1-2 hours depending on the weather condition at the Garden. Once the rolled leaves starts changing color, they are lightly machine rolled for 15 minutes and then dried immediately under low heat for peak oxidation. The low-fired tea is then allowed to cool and rest for about 5 hours. Then a final high heat drying is done to improve the flavor profile and shelf life of the tea. The result is a white tea with a little more body and a tantalizing sweetness.


White tea