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Ming Qian Green Tea from Ha Giang, Vietnam

2021 Ming Qian Green Tea is a lovingly made Snow Shan tea from the Ha Giang Province of Vietnam, right by the border with China.  Harvested before the Qing Ming Festival (which usually falls around April 5), Ming Qian teas are early spring productions using newly sprouted leaves that have maximal nutrition after the winter dormancy. 

This is a delicious pan-fired green that is quite different from the pan-fired green teas of China.  The experience is a little bit difficult to describe, but overall the flavor is sweet, floral, and dense - not particularly vegetal.  It is a flavor and aroma profile that can be quite addicting actually - there is a sense of thickness and lushness to this tea. 

Snow Shan teas are increasingly in high demand as more and more people seek out teas from healthy, old trees from bio-diverse settings with minimal human intervention.

2021 Spring harvest.  No agrochemicals were used in the production of this tea.