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Marutaka Farm Japanese Oolong from Koju Varietal

This hand-picked Japanese oolong made by the multiple award winning Marutaka Farm in Shizuoka is truly exquisite.  Very prominent notes of grapes and fresh peach arise.  The liquor is light and bright, distinctly aromatic.  

Oolongs from Japan are few and far between, as 99% of the tea that is made in Japan is green.  This tea is made from a varietal called "Koju" which is a naturally occurring variant likely related to the "Inzatsu" tea family, which are themselves gorgeously floral and sweet.

This is not an oolong in the classical Chinese or Taiwanese sense.  For those teas, the traditional sense of place and varietal is paramount.  This is an oolong in the sense of processing and overall floral/fruity character.  The entire category of "oolong" is expanding in the last couple of decades as more and more tea makers all over the tea making world are experimenting and perfecting new ways to interact with their plants.  There is a lot of beauty in this new oolong landscape - it's very exciting!  This particular tea is worth spending some quality time with.

2021 Spring Harvest