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Lychee Blossom Flowering Tea

Blooming teas (a.k.a. "flowering teas," "blossoming teas," or "presentation teas") have become very popular over the last several years. However, the issue with blooming teas generally is that there are lots on the market, but very few of them actually taste good. 

Blooming teas are hand-tied tea buds. They are combined with flower buds and silk thread tied into little bundles which blossom into beautiful "flowers" in the teapot. Presentation is an important part of a blooming tea. This means that a typical vessel for steeping a blooming tea is a glass pot.

Lychee Blossom is the only blooming tea we carry. It is a mild green tea with red thistle flowers, scented with essence of lychee. When the tea opens up you will see a red thistle surrounded by the petal-like leaves of the green tea. It is like springtime in your pot.

green tea, red thistle flower, natural flavor of lychee

Use 1 ball of tea for 14 to 16 ounces of water. Steep for 2 minutes with 180-degree water.