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Kajihara's Benifuki Black Tea from Japan

This is a beautiful black tea from Toshihiro Kajihara, a well known tea grower and producer of green and black teas in Japan's Kumamoto Prefecture (on Kyushu island).  The steeped tea is beautifully honey colored with aromatics of cooked spiced peaches and apricots.  The liquor is medium bodied with a light, pleasing astringency.  There is a beautiful aftertaste - rich, fruity, with notes of baking spice.  This is an elegant tea.

Mr. Kajihara is a third generation tea farmer with gardens that are ideally located for healthy, vibrant plants.  His teas are grown on slopes in a rural mountainous area where there is a fairly high temperature difference between night and day.  Thick fog rolls in throughout the day, nourishing the tea plants.  His gardens have been pesticide free since 2000.

His machinery would be considered rather old by most Japanese tea production standards.  Kajihara doesn't automate the production process, instead he focuses on making tea manually, using his senses, intuition, and experience to guide tea making decisions. 

2021 Spring Harvest