Jun Chiyabari Organic Tea Sampler Set

Our Jun Chiyabari organic tea sampler set is a great way to get to know some of the famous teas from this truly stellar tea garden.  We just got in five 2021 Autumn productions and have packaged much of what we received for these sets with just a bit left over for those of you who will no doubt absolutely fall in love with some of these productions and need more for your tea stash.

Each set includes 15 grams each of: Himalayan Imperial Black, Himalayan Royale Ruby Black, Himalayan Royale Handcrafted Tips Black, Himalayan Evergreen, and Himalayan Shiiba.   15 grams is generally enough to make two medium sized western style tea pots or enough for three gong fu sessions.

Jun Chiyabari regularly produces some of our favorite teas of the year.  These are really gifted tea makers with an incredible vision for tea artistry and an openness to exploration.  Their gardens are entirely organic and they practice natural farming as taught by Masanobu Fukuoka.  They provide employment and growth opportunities for over 150 people, with a specific focus on providing jobs specifically to women.

Photo courtesy of Jun Chiyabari