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Organic Jun Chiyabari Golden Spring Black Tea from Nepal

Jun Chiyabari is an esteemed tea garden in Nepal, located about 65 km west of Darjeeling. They have been operational since the early 2000s and began with the intent to be completely organic and ecologically friendly. They arguably make the very best Nepalese tea one can find. They have their bread and butter teas, of course, but they also are quite experimental and make some truly gorgeous full leaf teas whose production is greatly influenced by the artisanal tea production methods of China.

Historically Nepalese teas have struggled to get out from under the huge shadow of their neighbors (Darjeeling) and make tea that can be called distinctly Nepalese and not just “a close cousin of Darjeeling.” While Nepalese tea share some similarities with their Darjeeling neighbors, teas from Nepal tend to be smoother, more full-bodied, and more varied.

Golden Spring is a spring 2019 first flush hand crafted black tea.  It's smooth and fruity, with distinct notes of sweet grapes.  It's a real treasure to enjoy and the amount in stock is rather limited so treat yourself if you are so inclined.