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Introduction to Gong Fu Style Tea - Online Course

We hope you'll join us for an online Introduction to Gong Fu Style Tea.  This interactive class will focus on steeping teas gong fu style using a gaiwan, though we will also discuss steeping with small pots. 

In class we'll go over a basic orientation to each item used in gong fu tea preparation, different approaches to use for different types of teas, and do some comparative steeping to understand the effects of time of temperature on steeping tea.  This class will take place over zoom so you can do this from the comfort of your own home.

Each ticket comes with thirty grams of tea that we will steep together during the event.  The cost of shipping the teas (within the US only) is included in the price of the ticket.  

We recommend that you have two gaiwans, to use for the class, plus something to pour your tea into when you decant the tea from the gaiwans.  This could be just tea cups or mugs, or even tea serving pitchers such as a chai hai or gong dao bei.  If you happen to buy your gaiwans from us, we highly recommend getting an accompanying solo cup for each gaiwan - they are a perfect size for the gaiwan that we sell.  You will also need a tea kettle to heat and pour your hot water.  

We will send out the teas and an email approximately two weeks before class day so there will be plenty of time for the teas to reach you.


Please note: if you need me to send your teas to someplace other than your billing address please email me when you order at tsronline@thesteepingroom.com.  

This product is non-refundable.  We can only mail teas for this class within the USA - no international shipping for this product.