Long Feng Xia High Mountain Oolong from Taiwan

Long Feng Xia, which translates to Dragon Phoenix Gorge, is a sub-region of Shan Lin Xi.  The altitude here varies between 1700 and 1900 meters and the inclines are such that in some places the people picking the tea have to wear climbing gear!  Long Feng Xia is famous for producing some of the best teas from the Shan Lin Xi region.

The growing environment here is ideal for flavorful, naturally sweet tea.  Nearly everyday, the area is enshrouded in a gorgeous fog which provides ample moisture, shading, and temperature fluctuations for the leaves.  High elevation tea plants impart their leaves leaves with a high theanine content, making for a very sweet and rich tea.

This harvest of Long Feng Xia is deeply refreshing with a medium body and a looong finish.  Notes of alpine trees and fragrant flowers predominate with a crisp minerality. 

Hand-picked, Qing Xin Varietal, Spring 2020