• High Mountain GABA Oolong from Taiwan

    We are very pleased to present our first ever GABA oolong to the The Steeping Room.  We generally do not sell teas for any specific health benefits and prefer to sell them based on taste so we've actually avoided selling GABA teas for a long time.  But, this one and our Mi Xiang Gabareally are quite good and well-balanced and so it's time to blow open the doors to GABA-ville.  

    GABA teas use a type of production developed in the 1990's to increase the content of gamma-Aminobutyric acid (aka GABA).  Essentially, the teas are produced in a vacuum, without oxygen, and this process increases the amount of naturally occurring GABA in the leaves.  GABA has many purported health benefits including reducing nervous system excitability and promoting relaxation.   These teas are not intoxicating in the least but they are meant to have a mild calming effect.  

    Our High Mountain GABA is a spring 2022 production made from Qing Xin leaves grown on Shan Lin Xi Mountain at about 1400 m elevation.  The taste is refreshing with a satisfying thickness and notes of wild strawberry and tart fruits.