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Harmutty Assam STGFOP1

$ 12.00

The discovery of Assam tea in the steamy jungles of Northeast India was one of the great culinary finds. It changed tea drinking for all time. The Assam leaf is larger, stronger tasting, and chocked with more caffeine than the Chinese variety. Few teas will wake you better than a hearty Assam. 

This tea is a deep and glorious red color in the cup with the trademark malty aroma of great assams. The liquor is sweet with satisfying notes of toasted bread and has a balanced astringency.

Have a cup of Harmutty and you will be ready for whatever the day has to offer.


Black Tea


Use 2 grams of tea for every 6 ounces of water. Generally this works out to a teaspoon per every 6 ounces of water. Steep for 4 minutes with boiling water. This tea is tasty as is or with milk and/or sweetener.