• Handmade Tea Bowl #A - 190 ml

    We asked Mark Mohler of Sanguine Teapots to make some custom tea bowls for us and we couldn't be more pleased and excited for the results!  No two are alike, and each is absolutely gorgeous. 

    These tea bowls are perfect for enjoying bowl tea, a simple way to steep tea.  For bowl tea, all you really need to do is put heated water on a small amount of leaves and drink when it's cooled down a bit.  You refill the water as long as you'd like.  It's a wonderful way to intimately interact with your tea.  

    Mark makes his handmade tea bowls using Lizella clay from Georgia, a medium he's been working with for years.  Lizella is strong but light so the tea bowl is quite comfortable to hold.  

    This bowl holds about 190 ml of tea comfortably (that is measure about 2/3 of the way up the bowl, not all the way up to the top).