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Handpicked Gyokuro from Uji - Goko Cultivar

This is a stellar Uji Gyokuro made entirely from the unblended Goko cultivar. The tea bushes were unpruned and hand-picked (both of which are extremely rare in Japan).  The tea was shaded with canopy before harvest for 20 days, a process which greatly ehances the l-theanine and umami components of the tea. 

As it should, this Goko Gyokuro has a pronouned umami sweetness to it with some fruity qualities.  It is such a fine specimen that we really do recommend your steeping it at least once in the traditional manner - which is very low temperature water (between 120 and 140 F), very high ratio of leaf to water for about 1.5 minutes for the first steeping.  Steeping gyokuro like this brings out the extraordinary sweetness of the tea - making the English translation of the word 'gyokuro' to 'jade dew' make perfect sense.  It really is like a magical green nectar.

Harvested May 2018