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Glass Tea Maker - 400 ml

This is the tea maker that we use in our tea classes and workshops.  It is well-constructed, precise, and allows for the people making and enjoying the tea to also appreciate the leaves as the tea steeps.  

The tea maker consists of just two parts: the lid with the metal filter and the glass steeping vessel.  The lid/metal filter component does not push down like similar looking lids do in french press makers.  Essentially, you would either need to pour off all the tea in the glass vessel after the time for steeping is up or be in a place where you are not concerned about separating the leaves from the hot water at any specific time.  

The glass component is dishwasher safe, but the lid component is best hand washed. Not for stove top or microwave use.

Dimensions: diameter 8 cm / height 12 cm

Special note: please forgive the rather appalling product photo.