FuLiang Black Tea from China

FuLiang is a region in JIangxi Province which is well regarded for its porcelain (the area is also known as Jingdezhen). Nearby is Yixing, the justifiably world famous city that is home to the purple sand clay of the same name.  Most people don't realize that the area also produces really delicious green and, more recently, black teas.  In fact, by the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), FuLiang City had become an important tea distribution center.

FuLiang Black is an elegant, round, and fruity (such as plum) tea.  It has a medium body with a pleasant (certainly not overwhelming) astringency.  Compared to a more robust and earthy black tea from Yunnan, this tea is lighter, fruitier, and overall more graceful. 

2020 Harvest