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Fuji-kaori Kama-iri Cha

Fuji-kaori Kama-iri Cha is an unblended, pan-fired green tea from Japan made entirely of Fuji-kaori cultivar leaves.  The tea is smooth, a little bit sweet, and silky with hints of lemon and jasmine flower.  Unlike many Japanese green teas, Fuji-kaori kama-iri cha is not heavy with brothy umami notes, but is rather light and refreshing, gliding down the palate easily. 

Kamairi-cha denotes the type of tea this is and Fuji-kaori denotes the cultivar used.  Kamairi-cha make up less than 3% off all the Japanese green teas produced, but have actually been around since the 16th century.  

Fuji-kaori Kamairi-cha is from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.  2018 harvest.