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Fragrant Yellow Sprig

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This is a member of the class of oolongs called dancongs. Dancong means single trunk. They are cultivars of the shui xian tea plants from the Wuyi Mountains in the Fujian Province and grown in the Phoenix Mountains in the eastern part of Guangdong Province. 

Dancongs are very oxidized teas that are rolled lengthwise into ample long dark leaves instead of ball shaped. They are frequently described as having fruity and/or floral notes. They are an excellent tea for drinking in the gong fu style, which was also created in the Guangdong Province. The Chinese name for our Yellow Sprig Oolong is Huang Zhi Xiang. 

Oxidized at about 30%, Fragrant Yellow Spring is very rich and complex and will render a delicious cup that will actually improve in flavor with multiple steepings. You may pick up on the flavor of ripened peaches and orange blossom.


Oolong tea