Miura's 2022 Benifuki Black Tea from Japan

This 2022 first flush black tea from the Benifuki cultivar is truly beautiful.  Notes of almond, flowers, honey, lightly cooked sugars, pastry, and butter.  (Seriously!)  There is an elegant astringency, making this quite delightful with food but certainly a real treat any way you enjoy it.

The Benifuki cultivar is a cross between a Japanese tea plant (Benihomare) grown from Assamese tea bushes brought to Japan in the late 19th century and tea plants from Darjeeling.  

If you enjoy light to medium bodied highly expressive black teas then you definitely want to check out the black teas of Japan.  They are quite unlike any other country's black tea productions

From Kiriyama area in Shizuoka Prefecture.  From tea maker Yoshinobu Miura.