Feng Qing Sweet and Wild Purple Black Tea

Feng Qing Sweet and Wild Purple Black Tea comes from uncultivated, wild growing tea trees in the western part of Yunnan (Lincang).  This is a very special, very clean black tea with a thick, cooling mouthfeel and aromatics of just ripe summer fruits and lemon. 

Purple tea can be made from several different types of tea trees that have purple leaves and buds.  Generally these buds and leaves turn green as the weather gets hotter in late spring and summer.  Most of the purple teas on the market are cultivated - meaning they are planted on purpose with intention to make a volume of tea.  They may even be called "wild purple tea" but it's really more likely that those teas were cultivated from wild growing plants.  Those kinds of teas can still be delicious, of course, but it is fairly unusual to come across truly wild growing old purple tea trees these days. 

2019 Spring Harvest

No agrochemicals were used in the production of this tea.