Fancy White Peony from Fuding

Fancy White Peony is a high grade leafy white from Fuding, a city widely known for its white tea production.  The tea is minimally processed - just picked and dried, but even just picking and drying, when we're talking about tea production, takes great skill.  It can be very easy, for example, to under or over whither tea, or to not adjust for humidity or excessive heat or chill as needed.  While white tea is often described as 'the least processed,' it by no means should be understood that it requires less skill.  And, just to be clear, 'processing' in this context is just a word to describe what a human does to the raw materials to make a finished product.  

This Fancy White Peony Tea is still quite greenish and fresh tasting.  Notes of melon and wildflowers with a delicate body.  It is very refreshing.

2020 Harvest