Fundamentals of Oolong Tea - Online Course - June 13

This two hour online class focuses on what is arguably the most beautiful and elegant of all the families of tea: Oolong. 

We will taste oolongs from classical and new origins, helping you to develop of solid foundation of knowledge and drinking experience so that you can learn about you like and what other teas might interest you.  We will discuss preparing oolong using a variety of different methods, including western teapot style, gong fu style, leaves in a bowl, and cold brew.

Each ticket to class comes with small packets of several different types of oolong so that we can drink together during class.  The cost of shipping the teas is included in the price of the ticket.  

No special equipment is required, as the class is designed for you to steep tea using whatever you have at home.   

We will send out the teas and an email approximately two weeks before class day so there will be plenty of time for the teas to reach you.

Please note: if you need me to send your teas to someplace other than your billing address please email me when you order at  

This product is non-refundable.  We can only mail teas for this class within the USA - no international shipping for this product.