Drinking Chocolate from Ritual Chocolate Factory

It's not often we branch out into non-tea related products here, but these drinking chocolates from Ritual Chocolates are soooo good we wanted to offer the opportunity for you to check them out.   These are real deal drinking chocolates, thick and intense with just two ingredients: direct sourced cacao and organic cane sugar.  Making them is quite simple, just heat milk of choice with the chocolate over a low heat until the chocolate melts and blends in with the milk.  Pour into a big cozy mug and prepare for lift off. 

We're offering three different varieties.  Madagascar Single Origin has tasting notes of peanut, citrus, and raspberry.  Belize Single Origin has tasting notes of cherry, dried fig, and cocoa.  Ecuador Single Origin has tasting notes of honey, fudge, and graham cracker.  

Each bag is 8 ounces (226 grams) with a two year shelf life.