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    Dew Teapot from FORLIFE - 14 ounces (various colors)

    A 14 ounce teapot with a basket infuser from FORLIFE. We offer three soothing color choices: natural cotton, lavender mist, or lemongrass. The finish has a beautiful satiny smooth quality to it. The infuser basket features extra fine holes and is stainless steel with a BPA-free polypropylene handle for easy access. 

    FORLIFE makes great teaware products with an equal emphasis on style and the ability to make excellent tea with ease. 

    This pot is lead-free, high fired ceramic. It is both dishwasher safe and microwaveable.  Hand washing is recommended, however.

    The basket infuser is not microwaveable, but is dishwasher safe.


    Product Dimension:
    L 6.375" x W 3.75" x H 5.25"

    Product Weight:
    1 lb

    Country of Origin:

    + Do not overfill with hot water, otherwise hot water may come out of the spout.
    + Not for use on stovetop or heating element
    + Use caution when handling hot water
    + Let boiling water cool down a tad before pouring it in the pot
    + Do not lift the pot by the lid
    + Do not use metal scouring pad or hard scrubbing sponge
    + When metal utensils contact the satin finish glaze, your pot may look like it has grey scratches on it.  This is not a defect. The metal deposits can be removed with Bar Keeper's Friend or baking soda, which is available at most large grocery stores. 

    Natural Cotton
    Lavender Mist