Butter Plum Phoenix Oolong

Butter Plum Phoenix Oolong is part of a family of famous oolongs hailing from the Phoenix Mountains in Guangdong Province, China.  Each type of Phoenix oolong, also called dancong oolong, is made from a single varietal of tea plant known to give a particular fragrance or taste experience.  This one is called Butter Plum because the aromatics of the tea are those of sweet, ripe, and highly fragrant purple fruits with an intense blossom undertone.  The flavor of this tea lingers on the palette for quite a long time, making for a truly remarkable tea experience. 

Butter Plum Phoenix Oolong, and dancong oolongs in general, are so fragrant that it can really be shocking upon drinking them to realize they are not flavored at all - the aromatics and taste are naturally occurring expressions of the tea plant itself.  

2019 Harvest