Builder's Tea - Hearty Breakfast Blend from Assam

A 'Builder's Tea' is a very strong cup of tea, the type of tea laborers in Britain and Ireland would drink with a splash of milk and sugar throughout their workday to keep powering though incredibly long, hard days.   This is that same kind of tea - meant to steady you for the day ahead or give you a kick in the pants if that's what you need. 

We definitely recommend this to be enjoyed with milk (and possibly sweetener if that's your thing).   It's a robust breakfast style tea, with notes of malt, honey, and caramel and a very forward astringency to stand up to whatever type of milk you're putting in it.

This is a CTC tea blended with a just a bit of Assamese golden tips, both from the Ghillidary Tea Estate in Assam, India.

2021 Harvest