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2021 An Ji Bai Cha Chinese Green Tea

An Ji Bai Cha is truly a beautiful and delicious early spring green tea.  The leaves are showy, pristinely plucked two leaves and one bud.  The liquor is everything you'd expect in a high end early season Chinese green: delicate and ultra smooth with a clearly top shelf depth and evenness of flavor.  The liquor reminds one a little bit of buttered fresh garden peas.

The leaves for An Ji Bai Cha are naturally quite pale early in the season and they have a higher than normal amino acid content.  This higher amino acid content means that the infusion will be quite sweet and relaxing as the L-theanine content is elevated. 

2021 early spring harvest, from Anji County, Zhejiang Province,
No agrochemicals were used in the production of this tea.