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An Ji Bai Cha - Organic Chinese Green

An Ji Bai Cha or "An Ji White Tea" isn't really a white tea, but for a short period of time in the spring when the air is cool the bushes's leaves flush a really pale light green. During this time, the leaves have a higher than normal amino acid content.  This higher amino acid content means that the infusion will be quite sweet and relaxing as the L-theanine content is elevated.  

An Ji Bai Cha is truly a beautiful and delicious spring green.  The plucking standard is exquisite (a perfect two leaves and a bud pick) with a perfect production giving us a long, leafy, showy dry leaves.  The liquor itself is mellow and thick with a starchy, vegetal quality and no bitterness.  Highly recommended.

From Zhejiang Province, China.
2019 Spring Harvest.