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Miss Lin's Aged Oriental Beauty

$ 25.00

Oriental Beauty, sometimes called '5 color tea,' is one of the classic oolongs from Taiwan. This particular lot is from Maioli and is made by  the respected tea maker, Miss Lin. She's been aging this tea at her pristine facility for 5 years. 

Oriental Beauty is able to be made only when a tiny little cicada, known as a 'leaf hopper,' bites the tea plants in this particular area of Taiwan. The little leaf hoppers' bites on the leaf cause a chemical reaction in the plant which seems to make the leaves less astringent, makes the leaves turn red and makes them stop growing.  Thus, we get a smooth tea with smallish, variably colored leaves.

It's a difficult tea to make. It's a pesticide free tea (because you can't spray for bugs!). It's a summer tea so the leaves flush quickly but the leaf hoppers really only enjoy young leaves so it's a balancing act to get the leaves not flush too quickly. The tea bushes for this tea need a lot of wind and room to attract the bugs so you can't plant them too closely together.  

The tea is oxidized to nearly 80% in natural room temperature heat with a fairly high humidity. The taste is smooth, with a thick honey like quality, muscatel and malty tasting notes.