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2021 First Flush Darjeeling from Castleton Estate

First flush Darjeelings can be quite addictive as they are so exquisitely flavorful and aromatic.  This hand-picked selection from the esteemed Castleton Estate has a sweet, toasty, and slightly herbaceous taste with a lingering astringency that one expects from a first harvest. 

This is a light bodied tea, technically part of the black tea family because of its processing, but perhaps its spirit is more closely aligned with the partially oxidized families of teas (like oolong, for example).  The color of the steeped liquor is quite pale and you can see from the photo that the leaves are rather green still.  It is delightfully refreshing, a perfect tea for an afternoon pick me up.

2021 Spring Harvest.  Chinary bushes, seed grown.