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2016 Winter Baochong Oolong

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Baochong is one of the signature oolongs from Taiwan. It is lightly oxidized, only about 10 to 15 % and steeps a very fragrant, slightly buttery, sweet and cheerful cup.  Unlike most Taiwanese oolongs, the leaves are rolled lengthwise. In this particular lot, you can easily see the quality of the pluck and of the leaf. 

Our Baochong this year comes from Mr. Lee of Wenshan, Taiwan. We had the fantastic opportunity to visit his farm and see for ourselves the incredible amount of care Mr. Lee puts into his tea and his tea farm. The farm was meticulously cared for, with beautiful rows of tea plants growing amongst his bees and his fruit trees. 

The tea itself is a perfect reflection of the beautiful island of Taiwan.  It's quite lush and sweetly aromatic with notes of gardenia.


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