2012 Wild Tian Jian Heicha from Hunan Province

Never heard of Tian Jian? Neither had we.  But, gosh... we're so glad those dark days are behind us now.  We can move on with our lives, all the better for having come across a relaxing and delicious brew.

Tian Jian is a fascinating and totally approachable type of dark tea (or heicha) from Hunan Province.  Tian Jian tea is from from the Anhua varietal grown in Anhua County.  It is pile fermented for only a few days, (between 3 to 7 days, depending on who is making the tea), is dried over pine wood, and is packed into bamboo baskets for proper and continued aging and fermentation.

This Wild Grown Tian Jian from 2012 is wonderfully relaxing. The flavors are rich with deep fruit and spice notes.  The experience of drinking this tea is somewhat reminiscent of having an after dinner scotch but without the alcohol or headache in the morning.  We recommend that you drink this tea gong fu style, as the leaves have a lot to offer and gong fu steeping is fantastic way to relax and be with your tea.