• 2007 Haiwan Lao Tong Zhi 7548 Raw Puerh

    7548 is a classic raw puerh recipe from the Haiwan Tea Factory.  One of the founders of Haiwan, Zhou Bing Liang, worked at the famous Menghai Tea Factory for about 40 years and was responsible for overseeing the production of Menghai's famous 7542 raw recipe.  This Haiwan 7548 cake is understood to be an homage to the famous Menghai 7542 cakes.  

    This cake is a great example of an affordable mid-aged raw puerh.  It's comfortable with a decent amount of balanced strength and bitterness, a bit of honey aromatics, and some nice huigan and salivation.  It's very Menghai in character in terms of it's overall body and strength.  Suitable to drink now or to keep aging. 

    These bings have been aging naturally in Guangdong for 15 years and in a controlled drier storage for the last year.  

    Each cake is approximately 357 grams
    701 batch (first batch of the year)