• 2014 Gongmei White Tea Brick

    2014 Gongmei White Tea is a delicious monster of a tea brick.  Punching in at 500 grams, this gal delivers a very sweet, interestingly fruity cup that seemingly re-steeps forever.  We've taken this tea to demo at festivals and it is nearly universally loved and has extraordinary patience (re-steeping potential).  Best of all, it's a very forgiving tea, as most white teas are, meaning that it's difficult to mess up while preparing it.  It doesn't seem to have a bitter bone in its body.  

    If you haven't experience aged white tea, this is a great one to start with.  Overall it's a bit fruitier and more approachable than our 2013 Gong Mei, which has more spice and dark sugar notes.

    A White2Tea production/score from Fuding county, Fujian Province, China.