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    Mountain Forest Huangshan Maofeng Chinese Green Tea

    Mountain Forest Huangshan Maofeng is a gorgeous, sweet, and clean tasting Chinese green tea from Anhui Province.  The leaves are truly beautiful and full, just gently kneaded which allows them to retain a very natural shape.  This light touch also allows the tea to have a delicate yet complex flavor, highlighting the pristine natural mountain environment where it is grown. 

    At about 1000 meters elevation, the bushes for this tea grow in a natural forest environment, unlike most famous Chinese green teas which tend to have very low biodiversity.  We really love being able to bring you natural teas from a living environment so finding this outstanding Maofeng is a real treat.  The taste is very fresh and delicately sweet with light florals - like a soft and refreshing spring breeze. 

    Made by the Wang family, a famous Huangshan tea family that has been producing tea for six generations!

    No chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers were used to grow this tea.

    Spring 2022 Harvest