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    Organic Oolong from Bermiok Estate in Sikkim

    This is a really flavorful and lush organic oolong from the Bermiok Estate in the pristine Himalayan state of Sikkim of northeaster India.  Bermiok uses all bio-dynamically cultivated Darjeeling clonal plants for their teas so they are extremely expressive, similar in some of the ways that fine Darjeeling teas are but with a bit more body and heft. 

    Lush really is the word that comes to mind when sampling this tea.  There is an exquisite fresh citrus fruitiness to the tea with some gorgeous woody aromatics as well.  The liquor is honey colored, medium bodied, and has an edge of refreshing astringency that makes the tea lively in the mouth.                          

    Bermiok is a micro-producer of fine artisanal tea.  They are 100% organic and grow their plants on soil that has never seen the use of pesticides or agrochemical inputs.  In fact, the entire state of Sikkim has been declared fully organic since 2016!

    Summer 2021 Production