• Mark Mohler Handmade Pot #202 - 190 ml

    We are 100% in love with Mark Mohler's teapots.  He makes them using Lizella clay from Georgia, a medium he's been working with for years.  Lizella is strong but light so the teapots themselves are light and easy to use.  This pot is unglazed (except for just the touch of glaze decoration on the exterior) and so overtime will develop a lovely sheen with repeated tea use.  The volume of this pot is 190 ml, making this a great choice for larger group gong fu tea sessions.  Behind the spout, there is a built in eleven hole filter.

    Each Mohler teapot features a little face carved into the lid.  They're meant to give a face to the personality of the teapot and offer a light-hearted and fun energy to your tea practice.