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    Brew-in-Cup with Stainless Steel Infuser from For Life

    Perfect for making one cup of tea at a time.

    The For Life Brew-in-Cup holds 12 ounces of liquid, is simple to use and clean. The hand-crafted cup is made of borosilicate glass which has a nice feel and clarity. The infuser basket is well-sized, offering plenty of room for your fine tea leaves to interact with the water.  The convenient lid keeps the tea hot while the tea is steeping and also acts as a tray for you to keep your infuser basket of leaves so that you can handily re-steep them.

    For Life makes great teaware products with an equal emphasis on style and the ability to make excellent tea with ease. 

    All the parts are dishwasher safe.  The lid is BPA free.  The glass cup is microwaveable and is recommended to be hand-washed. The infuser basket is stainless steel and is not safe for the microwave.  


    Product Dimension:
    L 4.57" x W 3.35" x H 3.46"

    Product Weight:
    .68 lb

    Country of Origin:

    + Not for use on stovetop or heating element
    + Use caution when handling hot water
    + Let boiling water cool down a tad before pouring it in the set
    + Do not use abrasive pads, brushes, cleaners or any metal products on or inside of all parts