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White Tea Sampler Set

Lately, white tea has really been our thing.  Gone are the days that it was classic Fujian Silver Needle or nothing else.  The world of and popularity of white tea has exploded - there are so many wonderful places and ages for white tea... where do we start?

That's what this sampler set is for - to offer some intriguing, delicious, and contrasting white teas for you to taste and get a sense of what we offer and of what you enjoy.  The set acquaints you with white twig tea, moonlight style teas, bud tea from Yunnan, aged white tea from Fujian, and even a white tea from Taiwan.

Each set comes with one ounce of the following six teas:

Malawi White Twig
2016 White Moonlight
Yunnan Silver Needle
2013 Gong Mei
White Tea #18
Purple Moonlight