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Three Daughters of Taiwan Organic Oolong Sampler

Taiwan makes and drinks much beautiful tea.  It is known as one of the main repositories of elite tea appreciation, tea production, and tea culture in the world. 

Taiwan has Three Daughters - three cultivars that were born in Taiwan and flourish only at home.  We're super jazzed to put together a tasting set that features all three of the daughters grown by a passionately organic tea farmer and lover of the leaf - Mr. Xie.

Though one can find these cultivars in other tea producing countries, these daughters were born in Taiwan and are particularly well suited to Taiwan’s growing environment and tea growing culture.  

Golden Lily
Golden Lily, also known as Jing Shuan or Jin Xuan, was developed in the 1970s. It enjoys medium altitude and not too much cold weather. The leaves on the bush appear a bit yellow. Golden Lily has a naturally creamy, milky, or buttery aroma and a thick-ish, oily mouthfeel. As such, it is often sold as ‘Milk Oolong’ and can be incredibly creamy and sweet when all the elements line up just right (good weather, locale and processing).

Kingfisher Jade
Kingfisher Jade, also know as Tsui Yu, Cui Yu, or Jade, was also developed in the 1970s. It prefers lower altitudes and dislikes cold weather. The leaves on the bush present with a barely peceptable blueish-green tint to them (which is why it’s called ‘Kingfisher’ Jade). Kingfisher Jade is classically floral and light with an interesting savory quality (think seaweed) with a fruity aftertaste.

Four Seasons
Four Seasons, also known as Si Ji Chun, is a naturally occuring cultivar
(rather, varietal might be the more appropriate term) and is related to the Tie Guan Yin brough to Taiwan from China. The tea is grows well and flushes often (which is why it’s named ‘Four Seasons’), with slightly red-tinged buds. Four Seasons is very flowery (think gardenias) and fragrant with a very slightly sour note (as it is related to Tie Guan Yin).

Each order will receive one ounce of each of the three daughters.  Please note that these are special order teas. They are not available in our physical location and are not the same teas as our Organic Four Seasons or Milk Oolong.