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Connoisseur Series (Tea of The Month Club)

Amazing teas come to us throughout the year. For some of them we receive only a very small amount and for others we select them specifically for this Connoisseur Series. 

This Series is perfect if you are a tea adventurer - someone who truly loves tea and is constantly looking to expand your tea horizons.  The teas included in this series are hard to find and are often too expensive to purchase in larger quantities. 

For each month that you subscribe, you will receive 60 grams of unique, connoisseur level teas.  The 60 grams could be all the same tea or it could be 30 grams or two teas or 20 grams of three teas.  It will vary from month to month.

All monthly teas are shipped in the first week of the month so all orders that are placed before the last day of the month will be shipped during that next week.