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Guava Oxidized Black Tea from Tanzania (Organic)

We are so excited to be able to offer Tanzanian tea maker Bente Luther-Medoch's creative African teas.  She is a gifted tea maker producing beautiful organic African teas, made using African materials from the unique Tanzanian volcanic soil.  

Inspired by the process of scenting jasmine tea, Bente created a way to infuse locally grown guava fruit with her organic hand-picked tea.  There are no actual pieces of fruit in this tea, rather the tea was oxidized inside guava fruits as part of its processing.   After the oxidation period the tea is taken out of the fruits and dried. 

Bente's Guava Oxidized Black Tea is delightfully smooth and easy to enjoy.  It's a refreshing cup with a thick fruity aroma and rounded mouthfeel.  Like her Papaya Oolong, you'd be hard pressed to nail down "guava" as a tasting note if you didn't know beforehand that this tea mingled with guava fruits during its production.  But, the guava is there, lending the tea a pleasant fruity aftertaste with a surprising creaminess.  It's lovely tea, not super complex, but quite easy to enjoy and exceptionally clean tasting.

Hand-picked.  EU and NOP certified organic.  2021 Production.