• Qi Lan Wuyi Rock Oolong

    Wuyi oolongs are, for many, the very pinnacle of artisanal tea making.  They are truly in a class all their own and no other tea that I know of can come close to attaining the specific qualities of a well-made Rock Oolong.  Within the Wuyi area are the famous cliffs, which inspired the name “rock” oolong.  They are jagged, made from blue-black volcanic minerals, and stunning to see.  The area has many brooks and streams meandering between the cliffs in the valleys where the tea grows.  The growing environment imparts a specific set of flavor and experiential qualities to the tea – a minerally sort of set of sensations that have their own specific name: yan yun. 

    Qi Lan, which translates to "Rare Orchid" is a Pinzhong Rock Tea, charcoal roasted two times over the course of 2020.   Pinzhong teas tend to be less heavily roasted than traditional wuyi rock oolong varietals such as Rou Gui and Shui Xian, though they still have the minerally (yan yun) quality that partially defines Rock Tea.  This award winning Qi Lan has a prominent floral aroma nestled within the rich and roasty mineral background.

    2020 Harvest.  Cindy Chen, tea maker.