Papaya Oxidized Oolong from Tanzania (Organic)

I hope the name 'Papaya Oxidized Oolong from Tanzania' got your attention because this really is quite an unusual tea and totally worth checking out.  Tea maker Bente Luther-Medoch has created some really beautiful and silky smooth specialty teas in Tanzania.  She is in fact currently the only producer of specialty teas in all of Tanzania, a country which produces a fair amount of tea.  Her passion is creating teas that reflect the land and the people, making teas that taste of African techniques and African volcanic soil.

Bente's teas stand out as the some of the most creative teas I've come across.  One of the ways that she is weaving in the aroma of African nature into her teas is by oxidizing them inside locally grown fruits so that the essence of the fruit is absorbed into the tea for a short period of time.  In this case, the fruit is locally grown papaya. 

There are no pieces of fruit in the finished tea, and honestly you'd likely find it quite difficult to pinpoint that papaya was used in the production of this tea if you didn't know that beforehand.

All of Bente's teas are exceptionally smooth with a beautiful clarity and pureness to them.  The Papaya Oxidized Oolong is a longer oxidized tea, approaching the territory of black tea.  Tasting notes include vanilla, brown sugar, and bakery spice with a silky, clean texture.  This is an easy drinking, very satisfying tea.

All of Bente's teas are handpicked and organic, certified EU and NOP.  2021 Production.