• Da Hong Pao Wild Grown Wuyi Oolong

    This is a special, small batch production of the famous Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) Wuyi oolong from feral Bei Dou tea bushes.  The plants are left to grow as they wish - they are not pruned, shaped, or weeded.  The leaves are hand plucked and made into a truly beautiful charcoal roasted oolong.

    The taste is rich, with plentiful aromatics of toasted nuts and chocolate.  It is naturally sweet with a balanced minerality, particularly at the end.  The throat feel at swallowing is comfortable and thick and the body effect is quite vibrant.  

    Harvested April 2021 and charcoal roasted intermittently across several months.  This tea is delightful and ready to drink now, but can also benefit from another year or two of resting.