• Uji-Hikari Single Cultivar Matcha by Master Tea Farmer Tsuji Kiyoharu

    Introducing Tsuji Kiyoharu's single cultivar Uji-Hikari matcha.  This top shelf matcha is mellow yet powerful with no astringency at all.  The level of umami is quite high but perfectly balanced and sophisticated, with a long aftertaste. Overall the feeling is rich and mellow, lightly creamy, and very luxurious.  

    Tsuji Kiyoharu is a master at making matcha teas, so much so that he has been awarded the prestigious Prime Minister's Award for Agriculture in 2017.  He is a fifth generation tea farmer with an innovative garden management strategy meant to push limits on what's possible for matcha teas. His teas have amino acid and theanine levels among the highest ever recorded.  His unpruned gardens are picked once per year, so what you're getting with his matcha is a powerhouse of a tea. 
    This matcha hails from the red clays of Shirakawa, Uji, and is shaded for 60 days with canopy style shading and hand-picked.  All of Tsuji's fertilizers are organic.

    We highly recommend using cooler water for this selection - 160 F is our preference.

    Early May 2023 Harvest, rested for several months and ground in mid October.  Each order is for 20 grams which is approximately ten bowls of tea using a traditional 2 gram serving.