• Jeong Jae Yeon's Grandmother Tea from Korea - Balhyocha

    Jeong Jae Yeon makes one tea and one tea only and it is a beautiful example of a Grandmother Tea, or a tea that is essentially made by a non-professional for people in the family and in the community.  Her entire harvest is devoted to making this tea.  

    She makes this partially oxidized tea using the early harvest of her semi-wild tea plants, doing much of the work by hand.  The taste is very pure, fruity and bright.  It is reminiscent of a mid-oxidzed oolong but technically this tea is a balhyocha.  Balhyocha indicates a tea that has been oxidized in the Korean system of categorizing tea.  We've listed it here as an oolong, but that listing really doesn't do justice to the breadth and beauty of Korean tea.   

    I hope you treat yourself to some of Jeong Jae Yeon's tea which was made with a lot of heart.

    2023 Harvest