• Wild Orchid Green Tea from Vietnam

    We couldn't be more pleased to be offering this very small batch (just 6 kilograms made in total) of high mountain hand-picked Vietnamese green tea scented and blended with white orchid blossoms.   Orchid Green is one of the traditional green teas of Vietnam and is considered both a tea and a medicine there.  

    This tea steeps a gorgeous pale yellow with a sweet, almost haunting florality from the white orchid.  It's quite smooth and light-bodied.  On the nose you can pick up just an edge of spice.  What really stands out to me about this tea is how relaxing and restful it is.  It's got a very mellow and chill energy to it that is quite enjoyable.  

    2023 Harvest.  No agrochemicals were used in the production of this tea.

    This tea comes from our friends Nguyen Viet Hung and Vu Thi Hai Yen, who also make our Sunny Honey, First Kiss, Ginger Red, Aged Cinnamon Red, and Lotus Green.