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Mo Gan Huang Ya - Yellow Tea from Zhejiang

Mo Gan Huang Ya, from Mo Gan Mountain in Zhejiang Province, presents a rare opportunity to drink a yellow tea made from a nationally recognized master of the genre within China, Wang Xiangshen.  The taste is very pure, light-bodied yet still a bit syrupy and thick in the mouth.  There are lush floral aromatics (not perfumey, just fresh and enticing) and a lively aftertaste.  Yellow teas are somewhat similar to green teas in their flavor profile, but they tend to be more gentle and smooth.

Yellow tea has become increasingly rare, as the making of it is extremely labor intensive.  Yellow teas can vary a lot in how they’re made, but generally what separates them from green teas is that right after the leaves are de-enzymed and have a quick shaping, they are wrapped in small packets of cloth or paper and then gently heated for several hours.  Every 30 minutes or so the leaves are unwrapped and sort of fluffed and then re-wrapped to go back on the charcoal roasting baskets.   This process lasts several hours.  The leaves then rest for a while and then go for their final drying to make them stable. 

April 2021 Harvest from seed grown plants.
No agrochemicals were used in the production of this tea.